Q. How much does it cost to attend an international program?

A. The program fee cost is $1350, inclusive of: lodging, transportation, and all meals at lodging during the duration of the trip. However, the cost does NOT include: airfare to location, visa (required), travel insurance (required), vaccinations, local travel post-trip and any personal purchases made during the trip.

Q. How many volunteers attend each program?

A. We select between 12-15 volunteers for each program.

Q. How safe are the countries we are sent to?

A. The countries our programs are located will always be relatively safe for travelers but there is always a risk anywhere we travel. With that said, we will always make safety our main priority. Volunteers will be with experienced local staff members at all times and will NOT be allowed to go anywhere alone during the duration of the trip.

Q. Do I need to know CPR and first aid to volunteer on an international trip?

A. Yes, we require that you have prior CPR and first aid experience and have received your Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate no later than 2 months prior to the trip orientation date. Prior to your departure, you will be required to review all relevant materials and be prepared to teach the course materials that will be reviewed together during the trip orientation and training. The orientation and training will be held online one month prior to departure and is mandatory for all volunteers.

Q. Do I have to purchase flights with the team?

A. No, we allow volunteers to purchase their own flights to and from the program location so volunteers have the freedom to travel to other nearby locations before or after the program.