The World Health Organization recognizes that emergency medical training of laypersons is an important and cost-effective measure that can save lives whether in disasters or day-to-day emergencies. Therefore, it is our goal to focus on widespread training of individuals living in low- and middle-income countries to improve the chances that someone close by is able and willing to provide necessary aid in the initial moments after injury or other sudden crises, where delay can result in permanent damage or death, pending arrival of more highly trained health professionals.

Our Impact

Trained in CPR/First Aid
Served at Health Fairs


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Leadership Training

Volunteers develop leadership skills by co-leading courses and skills training while cultivating leaders in the communities we serve by empowering those who have received our trainings to train and care for others in their community.

First Responder Training

We work directly with The CPR Hero Training Center, LLC and our local partners to assess community needs to create a unique first responder training curriculum that will eventually be a self-sustaining, community-owned and operated, program.

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Health Fairs

We partner with local health professionals to provide free health check-ups and consultation. We offer health education on topics relevant to the rural communities we work (i.e. maternal and child health, diet and nutrition, and sanitation); communities who would, otherwise, not have easy access to health facilities and information.