In today’s world, it has become easy and acceptable to ignore events that disturb or dishearten us—“there is nothing I can do”, the thought that often prevails in our minds. Rather than succumbing to apathy and allowing the news to overcome and desensitize us, our team at Spark Global Health, made a conscious effort to take a stand against doing nothing. There are a multitude of issues that affect other countries and there are new ones springing up each and every day, but if we don’t start somewhere, we never will. In our decision to fight apathy, we wanted to give others an opportunity to join us, to see that sometimes all it takes is a simple action to make a huge difference. 

As our world increasingly becomes more connected, we see ourselves as citizens not belonging to any single country but to the world. Our desire is to bring people from all diverse backgrounds and abilities to work together because we believe that our strength lies in our differences. We are a growing team of impassioned public health and medical providers that wish to inspire others to join our movement and start making little changes today that can make a big impact tomorrow. 


With love and humility,

The Spark Team



Office Director – Sea Bou

First Aid Cambodia Office Director

Sea comes to us with a tremendous amount of experience in WASH (water and sanitation for health) education and community development. 

“I am really interested in the activities and mission of Spark Global Health because at its core, Spark is about taking care of people. Spark Global Health helps raise awareness and empowers Cambodians to take care of each other. In fact, accidents can happen anywhere, anytime but hospitals and health centres are often too far to access so by knowing CPR and first aid we can help save someone’s life. Please, always take care of yourself and others.”